Boudoir. Lingerie. Styling. 

Passion and Erotic, Indulgence...

bring out your fire


I am an artist at heart. I adore the feminine form, with its hills and valleys-a dramatic canvass.  My delight is helping my clients to find their sexy, erotic, passionate selves by allowing them to fall in love with their bodies again through the lens of lingerie, barely-there-swimwear, and/or the camera.  

  I love watching clients reclaim their passion; their erotic voice, their sex lives, their bodies.  I help them to see, whether lingerie, barely-there-swimwear, or a boudoir session, none of it should be about driving someone else wild. It should all be an experience in fuelling ones own desires. Whether through the lens of my camera, or with the aide of my styling and products, each of my muses may come to experience her lustfulness, her erotic insatiable body.  

xxoo You are my muse.