Boudoir. Lingerie. Styling. 

The Housewife has added barely-there-swimwear to her collection. 

It's Gonna be a Hot Summer:

Welcome to the Bored Housewife Lingerie and Boudoir- The Bored Housewife is a photographer, stylist and lingerie consultant in Toronto. Services include boudoir for individuals or couples, consultation/styling for the bedroom or sexy adult events, and retail of special picked lingerie and barely-there-swimwear. 

The housewife has been styling, dressing and photographing for years.  In her travels she collects pieces that capture and recognize the inner erotic-self of her clients. The housewife loves combining her passion for styling and love of photography. Her clients' needs vary from personal shopping and styling for special events, to boudoir sessions decked in the finest lingerie hand-picked by the housewife. 

The housewife also finds pleasure in bringing her lingerie and swimwear collection to various runway shows and events across the GTA where pieces can be purchased. 

Through the lingerie, swimwear and the lens of the camera, the housewife encourages her muse to unlock and ignite their sexual energy. To know a piece of themself, and in turn, the whole, a little more.